Air Freight

Fairtrade Logistics provides a worldwide network for all of your air freight needs, with time-defined and guaranteed services supported by preferred carriers. We offer competitive rates for all time and cost requirements.

A core element of our air freight service offering is the ability to move single or complex shipments, at any time and to any destination along with our flexible approach and a personalized service to all customers.

  • Airport-to-Airport and Door-to-door

  • Consolidation Service and Facilitate Network Functions

  • Licensed Broker for Special Handling of DG/High Values/Temperature-controlled

  • Standard Import/Export Clearance with Customs Compliance

  • Documents/Cargo Conformity, Liens and Corrections

  • Shipment Track & Trace (IT & Web)

  • Cargo Security and Insurance Coverage

Ocean Freight

Fairtrade Logistics offers speedy and flexible ocean freight services. Our forwarding services start with analysis of the transportation task. This allows us to find the optimal route coupled with the best time-to-cost variation. We handle small non-containerized cargo, consolidate Less than Container Loads (LCL) and organized Full Container Load shipments (FCL) - all according to your needs.

  • FCL and LCL Services

  • Heavy/Odd-sized Cargo

  • Break-bulk and Special Charters

  • Customs Management and EDI Connection

  • Optimization of Sea/Air Combined Modal

  • Buyers’ Consolidation

  • Documents/Cargo Conformity, Liens and Corrections

  • Shipment Track & Trace (IT & Web)

  • Cargo Security and Insurance Coverage

Distribution And Warehousing

As a leading-edged logistics provider, Fairtrade offers a full suite of logistics activities across the entire supply chain。 Integrated into your own supply chain management process. Our services ensure a unique and effective customer program , tailored to customer’s specific business requirements.

Our logistics services is intended for medium and large multinational companies with complex supply chain processes. We add value to logistics functions by using our expertise and systems within your environment to provide you with increased visibility and improved supply chain management. These values include customer accommodation to customer’s marketing supports as well as VMI / JIT modals to their manufacturing supports.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Transportation Network Planning

  • Distribution & TMS

  • Warehousing & VMI

  • Specific Customized Solutions

  • I.T. Support

  • Value Added Services

  • KJT

Commodity Logistics Services

Customers in all geographies and sectors face supply chain challenges that impact business performance and competitive positioning. Fairtrade recognizes the very importance of serving specialist global industry sectors and need for an commodity-focused approach to the supply chain

Our Special Management Teams expertise in below industries:

  • Automotive Parts

  • Cosmetics & Component Parts

  • Life Science and Healthcare

  • Fashion, Textiles and Garments Accessories

  • Red Wine Industries

  • Paper Industry

Industrial Project Shipping

Fairtrade's industrial project logistics services provide tailor-made transportation and handling solutions to customs working in industrial plants, engineering & construction, power/energy and etc..

With quality-driven approach, experience in risk management & sophisticated environment, our specialized teams provide reliable performance to your turn-key project

  • Project Logistics Management

  • Project Cargo Transportation

  • Project Cargo Logistics Monitoring

  • Heavy Load Packing

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